Who We Help

TelaTree is a virtual tree care platform connecting you to an ISA Certified Arborist® for expert tree advice. Our arborists help with identifying tree species, insects, and disease to proper tree care and annual bid procurement. In addition, we are experts in land use change on tree preservation methods referencing industry best management practices. In fact, our experts are credentialed to go into most complex tree issues and help get you answers.

Home Owners

TelaTree helps homeowners plan seasonal tree care and maintenance requests with your tree care service providers.


Estate Managers

TelaTree helps Estate Managers by reducing decision making with general tree care assessments and annual budget bid procurement.

Golf Courses

TelaTree helps Golf Courses in designing and building around their trees by identifying legacy trees in tree surveys, assisting in mitigation and tree risk assessments.


Landscape Service Pro's

TelaTree helps the landscapers and other service contractors (pool, fencing, irrigation) confronted with tree problems relating to service activities.

Resort Property Managers

TelaTree helps Resort Property Managers with long term tree management planning , annual budget bid procurement, and general tree health assessments.



TelaTree helps engineers and architects during land use change with tree surveys, tree ordinance, mitigation and plan review, tree protection sheet development and document seals.

Arborist Help is as easy as 1-2-3

Getting advice and solutions for your trees has never been easier! Book your consultation, connect with an arborist, then receive your personalized arborist report.

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